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Cheetah Blige - No Sex? Bullshit.

No Sex? Bullshit.

No Sex? Bullshit.

"People will tell you that there is no sex in the Champagne Room. Well, that's some bullshit," says Atlanta ass-clapper, Cheetah Blige. "Plenty of girls fuck in the VIP room. Especially when the man has a big cock and a big wallet like this guy did. Once I start grinding on that cock when I'm giving a lap dance, I can tell whether or not I am going to give a guy the VIP exxxperience. Well, when I was grinding my snatch and my big booty on his lap, I could feel how big his thang was and it made me horny. He told me he was going to give me a big tip. That's when I told him that I preferred the tip of his cock all up in me. Money comes and goes, but a good dick-down is a memory that lasts forever. And let me tell you that when he came all over my ass, well, let's just say I won't be forgetting how amazing it felt anytime soon."

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Liza Biggs - The Busty Realtor

The Busty Realtor

The Busty Realtor

Not many realtors can boast a JJJ-cup rating. That's why Liza Biggs is the top top-heavy realtor in the business. She could sell heating pads to the Kuwaitis. Today, Liza is showing Carlos Rios a cool house with lots of windows. She eyes him up and down like a chef eyeing a side of beef but for a different purpose.

Carlos mentions the privacy factor with so many windows. With a smile, Liza pulls off her blouse in a split-second. This is strictly a professional technique by many realtors to show how private the property is. She's bra-less and the size and shape of her huge natural hooters blow him away. It's not even his birthday.

Examining Liza's bulging bumpers with the utmost admiration, Carlos asks if he can get a grip on her giant gazongas. The pleasure is all hers. The customer comes first. He plays with his new favorite realtor from behind and feels her up, her breasts overflowing his hands. Dropping his pants, Carlos lifts up Liza's skirt and sticks it to her from behind, the first of many sizzling sex moves filmed from excellent angles. In one sequence of pictures in this pictorial (57-60) and shown in the video version, he picks Liza up in his arms and fucks her standing.

Another super-horny scene from the great Liza Biggs, who is not only a top realtor but a top chef in the kitchen and now a top model. For someone who'd never posed before, never danced or even posted nude selfies on the net before she got to SCORE, Liza is truly a natural.

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Alice - Cock collateral

Cock collateral

Cock collateral

Can a creampie be collateral for a loan? It can be if the loan officer is a horny swinger like Alice. JMac, here known as John, has gone to Alice for a loan. He wants to start a gym. Alice wants to help him, but she has an unusual process of vetting applicants.

"I'd like to see more of your assets," Alice tells him. She strokes his arm. Then she strokes his cock. Then she sucks his cock and fucks it. We're going to have to guess that JMac gets the loan.

As for Alice's credentials, she's a 65-year-old wife, mother, grandmother and super-swinger, meaning she's been doing it for over 40 years. That's a lot of fucking with a lot of strangers. She has big tits and a 40-inch ass. That's very voluptuous. She was born in South Dakota and lives in Las Vegas, which is where we think she belongs, being a woman who likes action. Her favorite sport is fucking. She's been known to turn Super Bowl Sunday into a fuckfest. When one team scores, everyone at Alice's party scores.

She enjoys traveling, food and wine.

She never wears parties when she goes to a swing party. That way, guys can get to her pussy easier.

Every year, she goes to Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida.

"I spend the day topless at the pool," Alice said. "After sunset, I dine on fresh seafood at a restaurant. Then I return to my room, take a bath, paint my breasts and get into my costume. I cover my pussy with something that can be easily removed once we get to Duval Street. I love to pose naked with guys while I hold their cocks. If the party is a good one, you might also find me licking a girl to orgasm."

Fantasy Fest this year is October 23 to November 1. Alice just gave you a very good reason to show up.

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Nikki Smith - Who's the good girl and who's the bad girl?

Who's the good girl and who's the bad girl?

Who's the good girl and who's the bad girl?

Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey could not be more different. Nikki is a girl-next-door from Northern California. She looks sweet and approachable. She has sex while going on nature walks.

Oh, I forgot something. Her mother fucks on-camera, too.

Scarlet is dark-haired and from Southern California. She has a lot of tattoos. She loves Latex lingerie and the Goth look. Elliot once wrote, "If Scarlet looks like the kind of girl who'd fuck your brains out in the restroom at a Goth metal concert, well maybe she would." No nature walks for Scarlet.

Of course, they have something very important in common: voluptuous bodies and huge, natural racks.

In this scene, Nikki and Scarlet are roommates. Okay. I guess that could happen. Scarlet is doing some work around the house. Nikki is hanging out on the couch with a guy. They start making out. Scarlet comes out holding Nikki's bra. The guy gets an eyeful of Scarlet. He decides he wants her, too. Because Nikki is such a nice girl, she doesn't get angry or jealous. Before we know it, this guy is having his way with both girls, and they're having their way with him.

Okay, so Nikki and Scarlet have one more thing in common. They both love to fuck. They also love to fuck on-camera. Maybe they're not so different.

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Gabriella Sky - Gabriella's time has cum

Gabriella's time has cum

Gabriella's time has cum

It's time to get to know Gabriella Sky, a 43-year-old Jamaican who now lives in South Florida. It's also time to watch this sexy divorcee and mom fuck on-video for the first time. How new to porn is Gabriella? She didn't know what the piledriver position was until JMac showed her.

"I like it!" she squealed as JMac flipped her upside-down and spread her pink pussy.
"I always wanted to do it," Gabriella said of her first porn scene. "In my 20s I wanted to do it. I met somebody who was in this line of work, and she was happy, and I just found it really intriguing."

But she couldn't go for it at the time. She was in school, so she put doing porn in the back of her mind but not out of her mind.

"It was always on the backburner. Then one day I just decided, 'This is the time. If I don't do it now, I never will.'"

We're glad Gabriella chose us for her first time. And her second time, by the way. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Gabriella calls herself a cougar. She prefers younger guys. JMac is 30, but he's not her youngest. She fucked a 23-year-old when she turned 43. She's a proud 40something.

"I love it. I think the 40s are the best. To me, 40 is better than 20. I know how to go and get it more."

Here, Gabriella talks about her fantasy about having sex with twins and the time she had sex outdoors in an Italian ruin. She flashes her big, bright smile a lot. We inform her that JMac said her pussy is tight. She takes that as the compliment it is.

In the end, JMac cums on her face. That's a compliment, too.

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