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Rachel Love - Hot Delivery

Hot Delivery

Hot Delivery

A simple phone call and a fresh, hot pie is ready. Not for Rachel Love, for the pizza delivery guy.

Yes, this theme belongs with the plumber and the cable guy scripts but pizza delivery guys love seeing it so why tamper with a proven success story?

What is it about pizza delivery drivers that makes women like Rachel pull down their bras and practically wet their panties at the first ring of the doorbell? These guys get more pussy than the backdoor of a seafood restaurant.

"When I first meet a man, I pay attention to his eyes and personality first," Rachel said. "As far as looks, it doesn't really matter much at all. Short, tall, old, young, skinny, a little overweight...it doesn't matter."

As long as they have a large cock so Rachel can get dick drunk.

The "Mamazon" star can never get enough of a good thing.

"I pick and choose different shoots that I want to do and certain companies that I like working for, and for some reason, you guys always have big fuckers. I don't know what the deal is with SCORE. I guess you guys have the biggest girls with the biggest breasts, so you might as well have the guys with the biggest cocks, too. You seem to find guys with monster cocks. I get dick drunk. Dick drunk is when you got more than you expected and you got pumped a few too many times to the point where you feel drunk when you get up."

Because we aim to send home satisfied models.

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London - Experience London

Experience London

Experience London

London lives in Orlando, Florida. She's only 19, but she's already racked up quite a few sexual experiences. "I've done pretty much everything you can do with a dick," she told us. "I've jerked guys off, blown them, let them fuck my pussy and ass, let guys go back and forth between both holes.... I've taken facials, let them blast on my ass, titties and I've taken a couple of hot creampies. That's why I'm here to fuck one of your studs. I've done pretty much everything, but now I want to do it with a guy who knows what he's doing!"

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Giselle Humes - Glazed Buns

Glazed Buns

Glazed Buns

We have a thing for glazed buns. You could call it an obsession. We can't get enough of glazed buns and neither can our friend Johnny Rod. So like a real bun lover, he offers to glaze ridiculously curvy, Giselle Humes' buns. What a guy.

"I think that sounds like a lot of fun," she says.

It's going to be fun for all of us, Giselle. There are few things Johnny enjoys doing more than glazing phat buns. But bun glazing isn't something you jump right into, though. There's a bit of prep involved. Prep that includes worshiping Giselle's ass, eating her pussy, Giselle sucking your cock, and of course, fucking her brains out.

Johnny bangs Giselle doggystyle first, then lays down so she can work his cock cowgirl before laying her back down again for a missionary fuck. Giselle is begging for Johnny's jizz now.

"Oh, yes, baby glaze me," she demands. "Glaze my buns, baby!"

One pair of glazed buns cumming right up!

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Brittany O'Neil - Three's Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

"Would you guys like to come inside my apartment?" big-bust superstar and SCORE centerfold Brittany O'Neil (SCORE Threesomes on DVD) asks JMac and Juan at her front door. "I'd like to fuck you. And I'd like to fuck you," Brittany says, squeezing their junk to make it clear. A less direct message to these two would be a giant, blinking neon sign.

Three's Not A Crowd is the first threesome that Brittany has done with two studs. Miss O'Neil once teamed with the awesome mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one guy but this was her first time with two dudes on her.

Her dates sit on the couch as Brittany changes into some sexy lingerie in her bedroom while they whisper about the opportunity that they have been handed. She returns, looking sexy-generous and ready for a dirty couch-ride. They lay back as she strokes their wood, one cock in each experienced hand. This is a lady who wrote the handbook on nasty porn-sex and she is only getting warmed up.

They stand up to get sucked good by her trained mouth, their dicks licked like lollipops by her tongue dripping with saliva. The non-stop marathon of cock sucking, breast-sex and pussy drilling begins. These guys have laid pipe with scores of SCORE Girls of every age and shape but they hadn't experienced the intense pleasure that busty Brittany O'Neil has to offer.

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Katarina Dubrova - Pregnant Sex

Pregnant Sex

Pregnant Sex

Katarina Dubrova did a creampie scene and now she's knocked-up and hornier than ever. The beautiful blonde Czech is now ready to give the SCORE cameras "Pregnant Sex." Katarina's belly bump looks even bigger because she's so slim. It was magical of Katarina in her holiday costume to extend a special Xmas video greeting to SCORELAND community.

On this day, Katarina wants a massage so she heads to a peaceful, relaxing spa for some magic finger time. She's going to get more than she thought because look who the masseur turns out to be. This dude gets around.

His rubbing and handiwork get Katarina all worked up so there's only one thing to do to make it better and that's to have a happy ending. After he massages her neck, he begins working on the tops of her big, pregnant tits, her once pale areolae now a dark chocolate color.

Her now-naked tits tingling from this massage, Katarina asks him to massage her belly. This is making her even more horny for sex. While his fingers gently work her belly and nipples, she reaches for his package and pulls his cock out of his shorts so she can jerk his shaft and rub his balls. He pulls off Katarina's panties and goes down on her, then spreads her pussy with his shaft and impales her.

This is one massage center that guarantees a happy ending for everyone.

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