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Alice - She Demands Dick

She Demands Dick

She Demands Dick

Alice is a 19-year-old beauty from Los Angeles, California. She's 5'3" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She's got gray eyes, long brown hair and wears 32D-cup bras. Oh, we almost forgot the most important thing about Alice, she's kind of slutty.

"I've kind of always known that I was going to do porn," she told us. "It's because I love fucking. I love everything about it. I love swallowing cum, I love getting my ass fingered, I love getting titty fucked and I adore dicks of all sizes and shapes. Sex pretty much rules my life. That's why I called you guys."

Speaking of that, we enjoyed our phone conversation with Alice. Most girls, when we finally convince them to fuck a guy on-camera, have a list of demands. But Alice only had one demand. We originally recommended that she shoot a solo set, but she said she wouldn't shoot with us unless we gave her a dick to play with. That was the easiest decision we've had to make in a while.

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Chloe Rose - To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

To Tap A Topheavy Texan

She likes going to comic book conventions and movies. Her favorite position is reverse cowgirl. Sweet, young and chesty Chloe Rose tells us what she's going to do to her SCORELAND date and gets hands-on as she describes the horny details. Chloe's girl-next-door voice is soft and sugary as she talks about getting a cock between her tits and more. We know good times are coming.

Chloe talked about her background between shoots. She has a pretty smile and her braces make her look younger than her age (she's 25 years old).

SCORELAND: Those guys have to be checking out your chest all the time. How big are your tits?

Chloe: I'm a 38E.

SCORELAND: Did you start to develop late or early?

Chloe: Very early. I was a C-cup by sixth grade. I was a D-cup by the time I went to high school. And I was almost a DDD-cup by graduation.

SCORELAND: Are they still growing?

Chloe: Yeah, they are. I went to the doctor recently, and he said that they'd probably continue growing by a half cup per year.

SCORELAND: What was it like being the busty girl in school?

Chloe: It was tough at times. Playing sports, other girls didn't have to worry about certain things. I did ballet for a bit, and all the other girls were flat chested and could fit into anything. There were some costumes that just wouldn't fit me because of my boobs.

SCORELAND: So were you able to play many sports?

Chloe: I danced and did ballet. I was really into dance from tap dancing to jazz and hip-hop. I'm on the dance team now. I also played a lot of basketball and soccer. I ran track for a bit, too.

We're not going to have the pleasure of seeing Chloe run, seeing those big heavy natural boobs bouncing and swaying. We're going to have to be content with watching how her hot date with Tony works out!

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Casada Chase - Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

As a special treat to you guys, we're posting an entire full-length DVD online this month. We're posting one scene every week until the entire flick is online and you can watch it any time you want.

This week we've got Casada Chase, who costars in this scene with her occasional fuck buddy. "After Shawn and I fucked that one day, we just kept on fucking. Someone saw us on webcam and asked us to do a movie. So, we said yes right away," she told us. So you've got our SCORE Group recruiter to thank for securing this tight, little piece of ass.

She went on to tell us, "I have skills! [Laughs] I really practiced a lot with my toys when I was learning how to give blowies. Now I think I have no gag reflex. I can just suck a whole fattie right down my throat. And you know what? It turns me on to suck on a guy's cock before we fuck. It's like I'm getting it ready so it can slip right into my box."

Stay tuned for more Teens Next Door.

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Daphne Rosen - Measure those nose cones

Measure those nose cones

Measure those nose cones

Here, Jeremy has the rare pleasure of measuring Daphne Rosen's chest. He comes up with 36G. The tape does not lie. Then he has the even better pleasure of fucking Daphne's mouth, big tits and hot taco.

"My pussy likes to accommodate all sorts of cock, so whether the cock is big or small, it figures it out and suctions right around it," Daphne said. "I've got ass and I'm thick, so if you can get the cock past my thighs and to the hole, we're all good."

Daphne is one of the smartest girls I ever met in porn. A college grad, she was studying to become a therapist. A sex therapist, of course. Who's better to be a sex advisor, a chick who's read a few books, has a degree and talks out of her butt or a chick who fucked hundreds of men (and quite a few girls) in every way and has been involved in every possible sexual encounter...plus reads a ton of books and has a degree?

Daphne was always ready to have her tits fucked, and that bedroom sport ramped up when she super-sized her chest in 2006.

"I love the sensation of the cock moving up and down between my tits. And I love having my nipples touched and played with, so I'm always touching them when the cock's in between. That's in real life. When you're doing it on camera, you have to keep your hands away from the nipples because the camera wants to see the nipples."

Now retired, Daphne was voted into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame (June 2015 SCORE has the complete details). I was wondering if her entry into the contest was premature because I was hoping her departure from porn was only temporary. Now I realize it wasn't.

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Anna Beck - Three For Fun

Three For Fun

Three For Fun

If jerking to Anna Beck working one cock is hot, then seeing her handle two is even hotter. With her M-cup tits and plush curves, she certainly is woman enough to handle two guys. This is the second of two threeways Anna shot with us. The first was published last month and the response from the Brotherhood of XL Men couldn't have been more positive.

Wrote Gio: "I say bravo to XL GIRLS! What a wonderful surprise! You offer us the wonderful Anna Beck with two men, and it is superb. Thank you very much!"

Wrote Seanster: "Wonderful video and Anna is so good in a threesome! She is one of the best all naturals at the moment, and I hope we see much more of her. :)"

Ask and you shall receive, brothers. Anna looks as sexy as ever today. And we know we say that a lot about her, but it's true. She looks like a hot librarian with her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, thick rim glasses on and a white blouse that stands no chance of containing her super naturals.

And Marcel and Leny can't contain themselves when they see her. Their fuck fest begins on the balcony before the trio gather themselves a bit and head into the living room to finish what they started. Like all of Anna's scenes, this one is hot, heavy and intense. And it ends with hot man-gravy splattered on her perfect tits.

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