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Neecie Hardy - Super Thick

Super Thick

Super Thick

Neecie Hardy knows she has what it takes to satisfy a man. This chick from the city of Miami is what dudes call super-thick. She's so thick we could sit back and watch that booty jiggle as she walks up and down the street. But a chick this thick deserves hard dick. And a girl like Neecie wants it as often as possible.

"I probably fuck two or three times a week," Neecie told us. "I tell my girls that I'm not fucking enough all the time, though. They think I have a problem."

If wanting to fuck all the time is wrong, Neecie, we don't want you to be right.

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Annellise Croft - Annellise and the cuckold

Annellise and the cuckold

Annellise and the cuckold

First, we see Roger showing up at the office and asking the secretary if his wife is in. Then we see Annellise Croft moaning while stuffing her mouth with cock. It's obviously not her husband's cock.

"Your husband's here," the secretary asks. "What should I do?"

"Send him in!" Annellise says.

The secretary sends him in, and what does he see? His 50-year-old wife sucking a big, fat cock and really getting into it.

"Annellise!" Roger says.

"Roger, what are you doing here? Come in and sit right down. How does this make you feel?"

"What are you doing?" Roger says.

"I know how you like to watch," Annellise says, "so just sit there and watch me."

So he does as he's told, and he keeps moving his head to get a good view of his wife sucking a stranger's cock. Is he into this or is he humiliated?

"Look at this," Annellise says. "His cock's so much bigger than yours."

Well, if he wasn't humiliated before, he is now.

After Annellise sucks his cock, she goes up to Roger and says, "I'm gonna cum, and there's nothing you can do about it."

He doesn't even try. He just sits there and watches as his blond, big-titted, long-nippled wife gets fucked every which way, and then Annellise puts her cum-soaked face in Roger's face and says, "I did it for us, baby!"

The secret to a long-lasting marriage? Maybe.

"I did it for you," she says.

Somehow, we doubt that. But she might have done it for us.

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Alice Green - Nerds Are Some of the Biggest Sluts

Nerds Are Some of the Biggest Sluts

Nerds Are Some of the Biggest Sluts

It might seem counterintuitive that nerdy chicks crave cock as much as their sluttier, more popular peers. Shouldn't they be more preoccupied with studying and getting good grades? Well, they are. But that doesn't mean their libidos just turn off. Geeky girls want sex too. And now that being a nerd is actually considered kind of cool, nerdy chicks are getting more dick than ever. Good thing for Alice, because not only does she want her pussy fucked. She wants her asshole reamed, too! So we gave her just what she wanted in this scene. This is what she had to say afterwards: "He barely got two pumps into my pussy before I was begging him to put it in my ass. I'm glad I did 'cause he filled me up so fuckin' good!"

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Holly Halston - Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Holly Halston began making porn when she was 26. She said at that age, she discovered what she really wanted and began exploring sex and her body. This was her first scene for SCORE. Her body is tight and toned. Dressed in a white bra and panties and wearing platform shoes that make her legs look sexier, she plays on a computer.

Troy, her then-husband, comes into the bedroom, sees her on her tummy looking at websites and wants her body right there. Holly is game to go. She is sexually assertive, one of her personality traits, and tells him she wants to suck his cock.

This scene has lusty cock sucking and pussy eating and many different pussy and ass fucking positions. Holly is a deep throat expert. Watch her take the whole hog down. Only 5' and 95 pounds, petite Holly and Troy became a porn team for years, fucking only each other in videos.

Holly trained Christy Marks in how to prepare for anal sex and returned to SCORE to shoot the DVD My WIfe Your Meat, fucking other porn studs for the first time in her career. Later, the couple split and Holly continued on in porn, fucking the usual suspects.

In recent times, Holly has become a world traveler visiting Thailand and other countries. Her body is as tight and fit as it was in this video.

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Trinety Guess - Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex Education

Busty girl? Check. White, see-through top? Check. Sexy, thick-rimmed and slightly nerdy glasses? Check. A girl like Trinety Guess doesn't need much (if any) help to look sexy, but she knocked our socks off with this little outfit. She looks like the hot girl in school your mom would tell you to stay away from, but your dad would high-five you for banging.

"I've always loved showing off my chest," Trinety says. "I got a lot of attention in school because of it. I even had to be sent home a few times. That never stopped me from showing off my chest, though."

We're glad it didn't because now Trinety has the confidence to do naughty things for the jerking pleasure of plumper lovers everywhere. Trinety's body is a plump wonderland of pleasure, and our friend Tony Rubino is the lucky chap who gets to explore the terrain. And he's ready to give this bodacious babe the fuck of her life.

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